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We know the language of your sector!

The success of a software house depends more and more on how well it can advise its customers / potential customers and how flexible it can respond to their individual problems.

So that our customers can receive the best possible advice, it is necessary to record the personal, corporate and organisational structures of the individual customer from first client contact and integrate them within the overall consulting process. For us neither  „hardselling“ nor the sale of purely standard software solutions are important, but rather that we respond to the problems and requests of our customers and together find the ideal solution from a combination of sector standardised features and individual customising.


Our Services

  • Advise on the optimisation of existing processes concerning leasing and finance, quotation and application processing, administration and accounting
  • Advise in connection with optimisation of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Conceptual development of future business processes and IT structure


Your Benefits

  • Many years experience in the sector
  • Extensive technical knowledge in the different areas concerned
  • Conservation of your own resources