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CICone® - THE fully integrated ERP-solution

CICone® is a modular ERP system that covers all the processes of financial service companies. The software comprises separate components and numerous integration possibilities, which can be applied either separately or as part of a complete system.  The use of our software solution specifically provides the following advantages:

Flexibility and Independence

  • Management of your brands: specially matched to the corporate identity of webclients for partners; new brands can be included at any time without a further program release.
  • Fulfillment: possibility to process the business of other manufacturers, dealers or financial institutions using their corporate identity.
  • Adaptability: freely definable menus, input screens, toolbars (can be set for users or specific groups).
  • Simple display and change of processes through adaptable workflows giving independence from the IT service supplier.
  • PRISMA: own control of availability and conditions in combination with defined products and the associated selection and calculation plausibilities. Changes or new products can be simply integrated on a just-in-time basis.
  • Open interfaces: simple linking to any third party supplier based on standardised and documented services, which can be utilised to program without the assistance of IT suppliers.

Increasing efficiency

  • Error reduction through eradication of tasks following standard uniform processes for all users.
  • Reduction of the time required for individual activities through shifting of time-consuming and / or complex activities onto the software.
  • Reduction of manual activities through automation of processes.



CICone® - Integration Possibilities

There are various integration possibilities for CICone® which can be adapted according to the target groups of the customer. For example for the sales force a web-based link to the back office is offered and there is provision for an app. For the office based staff the processes are windows based.

Your benefits from a fully integrated solution

  • Full integration of all financial products and processes across the entire value chain from sales through to financial accounting.
  • Flexible linking from web, windows, mobile or other tablet components.
  • Consistent calculation methods, documentation, posting and business logic through a common calculation model.
  • One database schema: the central system platform increases the data integrity, avoids duplication and thus decreases IT costs.

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CICone® - Functionalities and Processes

CICone® - Integration Devices