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As executives of CIC we manage the operative business of the company together. In doing so we set ourselves the same standards as our team: a strong client orientation, software to the highest technical level, extensive project competence and close knowledge of the markets of our clients.


Managing Director Sales and Marketing, founding member, shareholderx
With many years experience in POS, rating, web-based software solutions and refinancing banks Gudars Ahrabian, Managing Director, Joint Founder and shareholder, has a broad based insight into leasing and financial services to assist and advise customers and prospects.
Managing Director Software Development, founding member, shareholderx
Since the establishment of the company, software development has been an integral part of the business. Joint Founder, Managing Director and shareholder Harald Cich has supported the software development area since 1987 dedicating himself to the development of customised yet flexible software solutions.
Managing Director Projects and Controlling, shareholderx
Rainer Eschbaumer takes responsibility for the implementation of the individual often complex projects, having many years experience of business processes in the leasing sector combined with organisational and content knowledge.