End-2-end Software

Under the terminology “end-2end” software, we understand a complete software solution from one single source, covering all areas of daily processing. This end-2-end software can also be combined and integrated with existing or other software systems. Our end-2-end software has countless interfaces to third-party providers or standard providers in the areas of data collecting, credit bureaus, decision systems, archive systems, BPO providers, and corporate accounting etc.

Our main modules are catergorised into:

One Tool for all applications

CICone covers all your business processes from A to Z

Based on standard components, your individual requirements can be seamlessly integrated into the overall system.
Through this, the high efficiency and precise workflows can give you a unique competitive advantage.

In the following, we discuss our end-2-end process in the complete performance chain:

  • Offers are created and managed in the front office
  • The credit check takes place in the middle office
  • Contracts are managed in the back office
  • The annual accounts are created in Accounting


  • The organizational and regulatory evaluations are created in Controlling

Think outside the box

Do you also think outside your current framework? We know not only you, but many other companies in your industry can cover all areas with our standard components (virtually out of the box). Thus, we develop one component for all and offer it.

  1. High application security due to having multiple user
  2. Stability of the overall application
  3. Faster implementation in case of new legal requirements
  4. Reduction of development costs
  5. Participation with the experiences of others
  6. Use of standards
  7. High investment protection

Front office




  • B2B (Business)
  • B2C (Customer)
    • Realtime dashboards
    • Online quotations
    • Self-services
    • Crossover Platforms



The front office is our quotation system, which can be used by the end customer, dealer or sales employee.

Single or multiple objects can be configured and calculated. The offers then include the financing part, insurance rates or full-service components, depending on the module.
All calculations are based on our powerful calculation kernel, which provides all parameters in a structured format within the tables.

Every conceivable calculation variant can be calculated with this calculation kernel. Thus, all parameters can be administered easily exported and imported via Excel.

The outcome is a request that is processed in the next step.
Offers can be created on a smartphone/ tablet device and then processed further on a PC/laptop. This happens across the platform.


Middle office



  • Decision engine
  • Manual underwriting
  • Externe Provider
  • Fraud prevention
    • Digital signature
    • Online identification
    • Digital account check
    • Online application
    • Vehicle Identification Check


The middle office handles the application route with the procurement of all the necessary documents, records, identification and signatures.

All necessary information is obtained via interfaces in order to carry out a comprehensive credit check.
With existing customers, it is obliged for all past experiences data to be accessed. Information from the customer history can be retreived tot he very last detail (e.g. dunning profile).

Using the digital account view, automisation can be implemented for the collection of data for the expenditure account. You can use your own or external scorecards.

The decision process can take place either automatically or partially automatic. In the post application process, all final checks take place after the decision has been carried out, to initiate the contract status.


Back office




  • Leasing contracts
  • Credit agreements
  • Dealer wholesale financing
  • Fleet business
  • Deposits
    • Address check
    • Asset monitoring
    • Document recognition
    • Digital WorkFlow-start


Contract management starts with the carrying out of all the plausibility checks that are necessary for activation and disbursement.

This process with a subsequent activation and possible disbursement; is carried out fully automatically, whereby the employee only has to check the exceptions.
The disembursment can be automatically proposed by the system, checked through our payment cockpit and approved in accordance to the four eyes principle.

The contract will go through it’s respective lifecycle automativcally, as per the contract structure. All invoices and postings will be automatically created for all accounting purposes.
In the event of any changes occuring in the contract or contract disruptions, processes are in place, which will automatically or semi-automatically carry out checks via our Business Process Engine.
At the end of the contract period, the contract will be automatically terminated or other processes can take place. This can be for example: follow-up for extending the lifecycle, marketing purposes or claims settlement etc.






  • Multi-tenancy
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Multi GAAP
  • IFRS
    • Digital documents
    • Digital closure data

The accounting module is a standard program developed by our in-house programmers coming with a PS880 certificate and completes the end2end system in a practical way.

Within this module, all bookings and invoices are generated automatically from the contract management and are posted to the accounts "in real time". The postings are prepared simultaneously according to all tax or commercial law regulations for the balance sheets according to SR, HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP, group balance sheets.

Through interfaces, all bookings from external systems (e.g. personnel bookings) can be imported as well as all non-automated documents and bookings (e.g. office equipment) are all recorded through booking dialogs.

With the totals of the balance sheets. Evaluation focus is on the respective income statements (P&L) and balance sheets.
The connection to group accounting occurs through a condensed export of the balances to the downstream systems






  • Disposition
  • Planning & Controlling
  • Bank control


Controlling compliments our other modules with evaluation and planning, which are transferred from the operations to the dispositive system.

The basis is the controlling of the data warehouse, in which the operative data is stored in time slices.
Based on this data, historical and future cash flows (risk, liquidity, model book, etc.) are generated, which provides the basis for controlling.

In this module you can cover the regulatory requirements from simple controlling to complete bank management (capital planning, ALM, risk-bearing capacity, IRRBB, etc.).


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