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Here are some of our installations and case studies as references that we would like to share with you from some of our selected customers.

Due to the disclosure of customer data, we, of course are subject to both data protection and confidentiality agreements. Therefore, we are only able to share some superficial information about selected customers of ours on this public platform. As a special case, if there are any specific questions you may have in regards to one of our references, we would be more than happy to ask our customers permission if you should require any information or to even schedule a visit.

Especially with this complex kind of software it is highly recommended to see the software in live operation and to talk to the users about the advantages or disadvantages. This will give you an exact picture - without any sales phrases.

Greenfield Captive Bank

The Enterprise

One of the top ten car manufacturers with the foundation of a new car bank searched for a suitable core banking system through the scope of a comprehensive tender. The company had been founded under the Argus eyes of Bafin, whereby from the very beginning; extreme value was placed on a suitable and documented IT software solution.
As a special feature, this captive outsourced the majority of the processes and company IT infrastructure.
The classical products credit, leasing and dealer purchase financing are offered. In addition, the full-service banking products deposit business.


The Challenge

The task here was to integrate an end-2-end solution and to use as many elements "out of the box" as possible, as the time-to-market had to be instantaneos. This meant that all areas were requested, from the B2B quotation creation at the dealer to the finished IFRS balance sheet. Special processes were outsourced and contracted with BPO providers, so there are over 100 interface definitions.
Equally important was the control of the different Brands (multi-tenancy) and the integration of a retail and wholesale in one system. This enabled retailers to conveniently connect both types of the business and operate the so called "netting".


The Solution

The solution was delivered within the required time and a complete end-2-end solution with; RiskEngine integration, fraud prevention, deposit business, reporting, bank management, planning and controlling and Federal Bank payment transactions.
The core banking software was designed in such a way so that the BPO providers could work with the software and therefore exchange on a case-by-case basis. The various interfaces were used to create automatisms that can guarantee high volume processing. In the course of time, the existing modules were expanded in line with current regulatory requirements (transparency register, Anacredit, IFRS9, etc.).


German Universal Bank

The Enterprise

The company is divided up into a leasing company and bank, in order to offer corresponding products to the market with all types of contracts (leasing, hire purchase, credit) and all object types (assets, vehicles, ships, aircraft, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, small-asset goods).
The processes are optimised in such a way that both the small-ticket and the big-ticket business are represented.
In Germany, the company is among the top ten universal leasing companies. The company is also well known in other European countries.


The Challenge

The then large EDP system was to be converted to the new PC-based CIC solution. Specialities such as the "78 er" rule had to be recreated for continuity reasons.
The special feature here was that the customer partcipated and co-developed the configuration components which were desired from the outset, in order to react quickly and independently to the new sales models and market adjustments. Therefore, their own WorkFlows, masks and process steps were used. However, at the same time standard components of CIC have been used.

The difficulty for us as the manufacturer from the very beginning was to consider the compatibility of our own further developments so that a constant update was viable.


The Solution

The first migration already took place in the mid-90s. They started with the DOS solution and participated with all the installaitons of updates and upgrades. This gives them today the latest software with the most efficient tools.
The solution consists of a modular ERP solution both for the full bank and for the leasing company with the interactions between the two companies. This core banking system is linked to a number of peripheral systems that have arisen from the presences of special features on the market. The further development on the configuration level was considered in all migrations and also in the forthcoming subsequent migration, whereby special care is taken into consideration within our development to maintain compatibility.


Swiss Industry Standard

The Enterprise

The company was founded at the beginning of the 2000s which fully covered the area of consumer financing with credit and leasing in Switzerland.
A new bank was set up on a greenfield site and contracts were transferred from existing portfolios. In the Swiss market, the company has specialised in offering its products through other brands and has created a highly effective back office for processing.
Thus, today all „Cantons „are served multilingually and nearly 500,000 contracts are processed in the complete lifecycle "end-2-end".


The Challenge

On a greenfield site, an ideal platform had to be created within a very short time in order to establish the new bank with migrations from external systems. A new and highly efficient solution had to be created to handle the planned volumes. In addition, the acquisition inventories had to be consolidated so that a uniform process structure would function. The highly professional team of specialists also planned the extensive and regular releases over the following years in order to bring the software to the industry standard in Switzerland.
Many "brands" in Switzerland are currently handled via this platform.


The Solution

CIC acted as the general contractor from the very beginning. Over time the initial third-party modules that were purcahsed and used were in the offer and application route. Today the complete end-2-end route is equipped with CICone.
The solution was tailor-made but constantly under the assumption of using a standard. Special configuration modules were built for the customer, which enabled independent parameterisations for new sales channels and configuration of new products - without a line of software code.


The first Captive-bank

The Enterprise

The company is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers and operates in Austria and Central Europe. They offer standard products such as leasing, credit and dealer purchasing are offered through our CIC solution and have been expanded to towards full-service leasing.
All dealers can use the B2B solution to calculate and offer vehicles that have already been configured, but they can also make use of self-services to relieve the back office.
The special country-specific and tax regulations are included. The IT infrastructure is only located at one location and is used remotely by the other country authorities.

The Challenge

A complete end-2-end route was introduced to the customer in two stages. The accounting was integrated for the first time and there also was a requirement for an Oracle database, which had found its place during the introduction. There were special challenges due to short-term tax changes, e.g. NoVa, which had to be integrated into the productive operation within a few months after the decision of using our solution.


The Solution

The target system was then enhanced by the current requirements which were in the investment backlog of the previous systems and then the migration "from 5 to 1" was carried out in order to start productive operation.
In the following years, the system was systematically expanded as the company territories had to support Central Europe. The focus was always on designing each additional country instance with the optimal administrative effort so that the profitability of each additional instance is guaranteed.


The oldest customer

The Enterprise

One reason for the birth of CIC was mainly due to this customer. A locally and regionally well-known automobile leasing company in Munich, independent of banks and manufacturers. Today, the company is one of the largest independent and privately-owned leasing companies and a top address within the premium cars, classic cars and boat segment. Moreover, after more than 30 years, the company’s software version is still based on CICone with all the necessary updates.
Significant for this company, is the fact that the administration, which consists of contract management and accounting is untilised through the software and through a solid organisation of processes; designed with an excellent efficient turnover/person benchmark coefficient compared to other leasing companies.


The Challenge

The task at hand was to set up a PC-based contract management system, as at the time processing with files was no longer possible.
After extensive market analysis, the company decided to use CIC to create the leasing management software. This made CIC one of the first companies to use a modern PC-based software. Over the the course of the years, missing parts of the system; sales and accounting were replaced to have a complete ERP solution in the end.
During the immense period of the year 2000 many new challenges arose, which became new tasks for us. This consisted of the Y2K bug, conversion from the “Deutsche Mark” to the “EURO” and various VAT conversions. Since the subordination of the Bafin, certain requirements came along which had to be integrated to maintain an up-to-date operational software.


The Solution

Going back to the time of the DOS-PC, 286 processors and a networking under Novell. Today, CICone is operated in it’s own computer center and can be used both in-house as well as remotely via remote access.
Over the course of time, all processes of the financial service provider were implemented on the basis of the CIC framework, which in turn gave them a unique selling point.
The overall solution covers all processes from the preparation of the offer to the finished balance sheet. Thanks to a small IT-team, the company was able to participate independently in the framework and integrate its own processes and processing steps, thus adapting the software to the special and individual structure; making it today efficient within controlling for refinancing banks as it provides all the essential information at the push of a button.


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