Customer Relationship Management – Full Utilisation of your Network

Our CRM-Module is the perfect tool for your acquisitions, contact management with your customers and the controlling of your sales force. One tool that not only gives you an overview, but all information within hand’s reach at all times!

More than just a CRM-System...

As a matter of fact, our CRM system ought to be called ‘Partner Relationship Management’ system.

As it not only takes care of all partners, but also various roles within the database such as

  • prospective customers
  • current clientele
  • dealers and sales teams
  • banks
  • guarantor
  • corporate partners
  • insurances
  • others

CICone CRM is one of the modules within the ERP-Software that differs from the other existing providers in the market. How? Our CRM functionalities are integrated into the basic processes, whereby the data is continuously stored and processed without any interfaces.

In the area of Customer Management, a good CRM system has an impact in achieving your goals and aims such as

  • customer acquisitions
  • customer satisfaction
  • customer retention
  • customer loyalty

In order to achieve these goals an entrepreneurial strategy for the introduction of a CRM is needed on the one hand, and on the other hand a suitable software for reinforcement.

Through this strategy future business is sustained and stabilised. CICone CRM is therefore your suitable software!



In a business relationship there will be various forms of getting in contact with your customers or business partners.

These contacts are identified as touchpoints.

  • telephone calls (inbound & outbound)
  • communication via email
  • personal contact
  • complaints
  • written correspondence
  • and others ...

The management of these touchpoints can be operated passively or actively through own initiatives.

Every touchpoint is documented in the form of either

  • contact persons
  • reasons for calling
  • time of calls
  • points discussed such as complaints or wishes

and noted down in a chronological order.




Campaign Management

Markets and target groups can be reached through campaigns.

Time-based and content-driven campaigns can be entered into the system and assigned to processes e.g. quotation and contract renewals.

Certain target values can be assigned to them, whereby the variance can be then calculated at a later point in time.

From the campaigns, a touchpoint in the form of a serial letter or mail can be initiated and linked to the campaign.

Risk and Opportunity Management

Risk and opportunity management provides an overview of future leads.

Whenever a sales opportunity arises after having been in touch with a customer, the outcome is documented and the potential sales value is attached.

Sales opportunities are the core area of any sales person with which they can maximise their sales goals.

All CRM elements are connected to these sales opportunities. Thus, all touchpoints, campaigns and dates

are connected giving the seller an ideal tool for processing.

If the seller makes a written or several written offers, they can be retrieved from the tool, and finally the accepted offers are added to the sales opportunity in order to calculate the probability of the closing rate.



With an integrated calendar, you are in control of all business matters!

In the CRM Module, all conventional business operations can be simplified and made more efficient through the integrated appointment calender.



Furthermore, all data can be synchronised with smart devices, which of course can be accessed independently. The appointments in the calendar are synchronised via a Microsoft Exchange server.

It gives an immediate insight into your own calendar without switching programs, and gives you the option of setting reminders.

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Join Our Team!

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